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Susan’s thoughts on her gift in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

Susan in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin commissioned this gift of the Hall & Falvey coat of arms to mark the Pearl Anniversary of her parents marriage. As we are always delighted to do, we altered the design of this engraved mirror gift to add in a personalised message from Susan which read “To Mom and Dad…
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Sadie’s customer comments about her 1962 Wedding Anniversary gift

This is a gift Sadie asked us to create for her friends who were married in 1962, and celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary in Ireland in June just past. Along with the wedding date, we engraved the message “On The Occasion Of Your Golden Wedding” to further personalise this gift. Hi Martin, This is to…
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A specially commissioned gift from Audrey

This is a gift Audrey commissioned recently. She wanted a gift that was both personalised and unique for Cliona, who is the founder of mycaninecompanion.ie, a charity that trains dogs to help people with disabilities. Using the charity’s logo as the centrepiece, we added some paws tracks and a personalised message to create this engraved…
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A unique and personalised mirror engraving made in Ireland

Above is a photo of one of our larger coat of arms mirrors, which was ordered by Adrian and Clare a few weeks ago for a couple of their friends who got married earlier in the year! This engraved mirror measures approximately 33? x 23? is one of a selection of family crest mirror designs…
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