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50th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Mum and Dad’s family tree on a mirror

Sharon in Co. Cavan contacted us with an idea for her mother and father-in law’s 50th wedding anniversary gift. With a lovely photo from the wedding day on one side of the design, the other half of the mirror was used to engrave the names of their children and grandchildren.  Finished off with an intricate…
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Roy’s housewarming gift for Mary & Gerry

Roy emailed us to enquire about the a gift for his friends Mary & Gerry’s new home. Once we received the details and a photo of the new home, the above design came together very quickly and this engraved mirror housewarming gift now adorns the hallway of the happy couple’s new house. With the traditional…
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Shelia’s gift to celebrate 25 years in business

This was a gift ordered by Shelia in Corrandulla, County Galway, to celebrate Clarke’s Tavern 25th anniversary. To personalise this particular gift, Shelia requested that the names of local friends and customers be engraved in the mirror alongside the Clarke coat of arms ( family crest ), and that the entire design be celtic in…
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