50th Wedding Anniversary gift: Mum and Dad’s family tree on a mirror…

Sharon in Co. Cavan contacted us with an idea for her mother and father-in law’s 50th wedding anniversary gift. With a lovely photo from the wedding day on one side of the design, the other half of the mirror was used to engrave the names of their children and grandchildren. Finished off with an intricate border design, Sharon and her family were delighted with the finished product….

Hi Martin,
I got the mirror on Friday. I’m delighted with it, its beautiful. I just wanted to let you know we gave it to my inlaws on Monday and my mother in law is absolutely delighted with it. She said she has never seen anything like it before and loves the way the picture is on it too. All the other family member are really impressed by it too.
On behalf of myself and my family ‘Thank you so much’.
I have been telling everyone about you.

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